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An Overdue


We are interested in you, your lifestyle, and ways our products can make a positive difference for your daily life. We want to help make the hours you spend sitting or resting more comfortable, more productive, and more protected from risk. So we are delighted that you have visited our website to learn more about us. Please feel encouraged to communicate with us through the Community section of this website (see menu above). We also look forward to talking to you on the phone or meeting you in person some time when our paths cross.
AireRx Healthcare appreciates the challenges you face if you are a user of medical seating or bedding. Comfort can be hard to come by. Temperature control is also a frequent issue, as is moisture accumulation. Even minor bumps or prolonged immobility can cause major injury to your skin.
AireRx products offer you the state of the art in medical seating – our proprietary approach we call Anatomically Intelligent Design. The human pelvis is not designed for sitting, so seating must be designed for the human pelvis. We provide you the best combination of pressure relief, pressure redistribution, assistance with stable posture, improved circulation, and extended lateral and forward reach. Plus we bring you a revolutionary innovation – our Cool-Comfort Technology – to manage temperature buildup and moisture retention. The result is an overdue clinical breakthrough – Cool Comfort and maximum skin protection.
AireRx’s new line of products have now been approved for Medicare Reimbursement, having successfully passed the stringent Medicare testing requirements.
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